Meet the Horses!

The Spread would be nothing without the great horses we have. We currently have 9 riding horses in the regular family, but can easily arrange for more horses if necessary. We keep all the horses well fed and in good shape. They all regularly get out on trail rides and have plenty of time to play around in the pasture. And they all love people and kids. Read about them below 

There was plenty of  excitement in the early morning hours of March,with the arrival of Liz daughter of Freckles and Texas  as you can see she is strong and eager to explore her surrounding. Freckles  is a great mom and Liz  who was so tiny @ birth getting aquainted with her new family and surroundings. Come out and meet her.  Liz is  in training and will soon be ready to ride.


There was plenty of excitement Monday May 19, 2008 when the arrival of Blu was discovered . Not only by Sam, and  group known  as "The Spread Family" but the horses as well. None more than Jim and Bruce as they lead Sam to discover Blu had arrived.  As seen  Blu is a beautiful Gray TN. Walker with white stockings and face.Blu's parents  are  Texas &  Fancy As its easy to see Blu appearance has changed as she has grown,Blu now ready for customers to ride..come out and give her a try.  As you can see Blu's coat has changed colors.No doubt she will soon become a favorite to ride.

Come out and ride Blu, (daughter to Fancy)
Star was born april 22, 2007 and is pictured here less than 24 hours with sam and mom patches. 
Star has amazed us at how quickly she has advanced. Star is ready to ride and enjoys going out on the trail. horses Come and see how she has advanced. and grown for those who are not aware Star is  a sister to  Bruce and are sure she will follow in his footsteps as a customer favorite.

star is the sister to Bruce and a fun horse to ride.


Bruce was born to Patches on a cold winter night  February 2004. Because he came out so dark, Dawn and Freckles thought he must be their baby, and in the beginning wouldn't even let Bruce's mother get near him. But now Mom and son are are an inseparable couple. on the trail and Bruce is also a customer favorite. He has also become a favorite playpal for our ranch dogs, Tina  & Ike who, in an amazing coincidence, gave birth to 6 puppies on the same night that Bruce was born!.

bruce @ age 6


Jim is a tall, 19year old dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is one the newest member of the family, though he has already become a popular horse amongst newcomers. He has a pretty dance-like trot, and is extremely gentle around kids and new riders. After a ride, you'll see that he loves to rub his forehead up and down your arms.

"Lucas "

Lucas arrived at the ranch on Dec. 31 2006. 
He is a  14 year old  beautiful  Quater Horse,
Lucas  quickly made friends with the horses
especially Bruce..Lucas enjoys going out on the trail and our 
customers seem to agree he is a pleasure to ride.  

meet Freckles
 We are pleased to have Freckles join our  family, and has become a favorite of one of our regular customers . She enjoys going out on the trail and  easy to ride. Come out and meet her, you will see where she get her name.. Freckles is the mother of our youngest horse Liz.   


Fancy is a beautiful mare . She looks so young that we forget that she has already been a mother three times over! Fancy is the just the best horse on the trail, steady and calm and faithfully,Fancy has taken over as our lead horse and is doing a good job filling Patches shoes..

Fancy &Rose @ 10 months


Honey is an 11 yr TN Walker whom joined our family summer. 2010 She is calm and gentle, loves going out on the trail and a good horse for any rider. Honey gets along well with the  other horses and we are happy to have her as one of our new additions.

Meet Honey


Mike had his 40 th Birthday May 29,2014

Mike   a tall, grey Tennessee Walker gelding.  At more than 18 hands, he is probably one of the biggest horses n Texas! That's why we called him "Big Mike". we also joked about him being the Grand-daddy of the lot.As of 2012 BIG MIKE @ the age of 38 had well deserved his retirement , with that being said he was one of oldest and tallest TN . Walkers in the state of Texas

I was so very Blessed and Honored to have Shared so Many wonderful years Loving and being loved in return by Mike. He was "MY HEART" and there are no words to describe our relationship, Remebering him is easy, I do it every day but there is a pain in my Heart that will never Go away.  Run Young and Free


"Patches"  Feb. 5,1990-May 20,2014

 Patches was a beautiful painted Saddlebred mare with brown and white patterns over her body. She was a reliable lead horse and is best friends with Mike, who was always standing guard protecting her.February2004  Patches gave birth to "Bruce". She is also  gave birth to Star in 2007. Patches battled Cancer for the last 2 years and crossed over the rainbowbridge at the age of 24. She will be greatly missed not only by the horses at the spread, but the staff and regular customers. It was an honor to have such a dedicated horse and  one that can never be replaced.Patches served as lead horse at the Spread and has some very big shoes to fill in many areas. Run young and Free Patches our love and memories of you are forever lasting as was your dedication to us.