We are very fortunate to have many happy and return visitors. We entertain many children and first-time riders, and many of our visitors schedule to come once a month or even every week. Listen to what they have to say.

APRIL 1 2017
I  my 10 year old daughter and her friend to The Spread for her Birthday  it was the best time. My girls got to meet all the horses ,  We had a great ride with well behaved horses, Chisty was informative helpful and took lots of photos for us. We will be back again soon. My 14 yr old said it was better than Disney.  Thanks   Allison 

Hello,  My famiy of 6 have always ridden horses on vacation in the states and outside the U.S.A, My wife . kids and I agree this was one of the best things we did for their break. The Spread was suggested to us by our neighbors and so glad they did. Excellent horses for all stages of riders.
My children offered to pay with their allowance if that will help us come ride again sooner . Now I would have to say that is a great review.
Kevin Dotson &Family


March 2015

Our Spring Break inclued horseback riding at the Spread in Houston.  We give it 5 stars and will be back. The Spread is set in an older but natural setting, The Staff was great and our guide was a pleasure to ride with. This is not a follow nose to tail ride, 2 of us had ridden before 2 first time riders. We were placed with horses for our skill level and had a blast. Looking forward to riding again in the very near future. If you want a great place to enjoy horseback riding call the Spread !! 

April. W. Traci K. Dennis W. and Roger H.  


My fiance and I visited The Spread in January 2017 and we cant wait to go back!!!!
I had suggested going in hopes of getting him interested in horses and riding as much as i was.......Mission accomplished!!!!  He wants to go next weekend!!  Riding at the spread was unlike any other place to ride ive ever visited, without owning your own horses.  Christy and Alex were great!!!  They were very friendly, helpful and fun.  They will allow you to ride at your comfort level, and if you want to "step it up a notch", they will help and give pointers. No nose to tail riding here!!! If you want a slow peaceful ride,or if you want to trot or lope, they will do whatever is needed to help you have a wonderful experience! 
We will definitely go back!!! Fantastic people and horses!!!
Dawn and Carl


 Nov. 29,2016.

Thanksgiving weekend our family of 6 from Chicago went horsesbackriding at the Spread.  We have a great time and look forward to coming back again this Spring when again visiting family here in Houston. We have all posted pictures on our social media pages and shared what a great time we had. A great big Thank You to the horses and the staff. We had a great time.

Karen, Daniel, Tyler,Autum, Kevin and Todd Miller


 Sept  2016

Hello from  Kelly /Gene Woodburn & family ,Spring Tx.

Our family of 4 had a great time at the Spread riding some great horses. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and management could not have treated us better. The horses were great easy to handle  whether taking slow walking pace or a nice gallop in the open fields. We have been to many places over the years and all agree this was the place to be. The best thing about "The Spread" is this is not just a follow  nose to tail experience, you are truly allowed to ride horses.Our guide was friendly,took pictures of our family and was very knowledgeable. We will suggest this to neighbors and co-workers.We will be back often.

  July 21,2014

My daugther and I came to the Spread as not very skilled riders, the horses were great. Our guide Christy made us feel comfortable and confident. We rode Bruce and Freckles and by the end of the ride we were galloping across a pasture ! My daughter was so very excited that this was more than a nose to tail follow in a line ride and the horses were so well behaved, we came back 2 days later with her best friend, I was pleased with the cost and service, It may not be as "Fancy" as some places,  having been to others, I will take the laid back relaxed natural enviroment of the Spread and the friendly staff.  I have shared my experience with friends and family on Facebook, We will be back.

Kelsey, & Linda  Blankenship 


May 10,2014

This will be brief and direct, I have ridden at several places in the Houston area I will bring my friends and family to the Spread over other places  in Harris county , Great price friendly staff and Great horses for any skill level. Now If your are looking for a place where they let you ride horses and not just follow nose to tail The Spread is the place to be.  

David Malone

 April 14, 2014

We the Ralston Family . David, Lynn Shellie and Robert had a great time at the Spread!. So much so that my Kids Shellie and Robert requested we skip our plans to go to Kemah and ride horses again 2 days later. My Husband and I have ridden for many years , Shellie(12 a few times) Robert (15 ,, 6 times)

The horses were so well behaved and easy to ride , it was GREAT not to have to ride nose to tail in a single line. My daughter is planning her birthday party here already to ride with friends(birthday in Oct. :-D..It may not have all the high scale bells and whistle other riding places offer, and we have tried a few over the years. I am pleased to say we will be back often, I suggest you check this place out , They have wonderful horses and offer rides for all stages of riders from first time to the more exp. and they allow you to Enjoy your ride.

Very satisfied Customer

Lynn, David Ralston & Kids


Feb. 2014

Hello, I just wanted to share what a great time we had @ The Spread. for my 30th birthday with friends. The horses were great and although a few of us had never ridden before and a bit frighten the staff made us feel relaxed. The ride was fun and all our fears soon were gone. Thanks to the horses and Staff for making my 30th the best!!  The Spread is located in an older neighborhood in a natural setting and all my guest plan on taking their family members. I will be back soon.   Anita



Hello from the Madison Family, We took the family to the Spread for a Great Horseback riding exp. Our group of 6 , 3 whom were first time riders had a great time. The staff was friendly, the horses where well behaved and taken care of. We are planning Horsesback riding @ THE SPREAD as an event for our family reunion in early June. We will be coming to the Spread on a regular basis, Great Prices, Great horses.Great Fun,!!


July. 2013

Hello Folks,  My name  is David Anderson and I wanted to add my comments about the Spread located a few minutes from downtown Houston, I am a former horse owner and lover for life. I made an appointment at The Spread a few weeks ago and was more than pleased with my experience. Now They may not have all the bells and whistles as some places may have in the Houston and Harris County area. The setting is low key and basic but I have to say the Horses and Staff are great. My ride at the Spread was the best I have found in the Houston area for several reasons, great price, and you are allowed to really ride horses. I have finally found a place that is not a nose to tail ride, your are allowed to run or gallop if capable of doing so, it is an open range riding . I have also taken both adults and children  as my guest whom had never ridden before and the horses were great, it built my guest confidence and are asking to come back. I highly suggest The Spread to neighbors, co-workers and friends. So if you are looking for a great place to ride horses in a relaxed low key environments this is the place to go. 




March 2013

Hello , My name is Lee  Regan and my husband and had a great time at the Spread horseback riding. We both are previous horse owners and missed being able to really ride. The Staff at the Spread allowed us to ride at our comfort level and it was great to have a chance gallop and run again. If you love riding horses this is the place to go. Not  that restricted nose to tail ride here. The facility is not as modern as some places but the horses are great. So for all who enjoy horseback riding check out  The Spread.

Spring Break 2013  We the Langston family wanted to say Thank You to the horses and staff at the Spread. What a great time we had!! Our family of 6,some with exp others never ridden before had a great time at the Spread.The cost for our family was the best we found in Harris County and the horses are well cared for and great to ride. We will be back often and will share our exp at the Spread with friends and co-workers. The facility may not be new and fancy but if you ask my family they agree this is the place to come ride horses.

Don ,Lacy,Shelly, Dillion,Toni and Ben Langston

We had a great time @ The Spread.

Hello I Just wanted to state that my family has ridden at another Houston facility for a few years, But no more ! We came to the Spread a group of 4
Labor day weekend and had a great time. We were allowed to ride in open fields at our choice of pace. I rode Bruce what a great ride and my daughter rode Honey and Fancy they both have been riding for years
My nephew a first time rider rode Jim.  This was great as it was not a nose to tail ride, It may not be as High Class  a barn , and located in an older neighborhood . But I will say that the Staff and the horses were great. My family has voted and hands down this is the place for us,after several years at riding elsewhere. We live in Humble but its worth the drive.We will be coming often.
Carla, Les, Gina and Brook



 Memorial day weekend My husband, father and 2 granddaughters
had a great exp. at the Spread. My granddaughters ages 14 and 16 had 
ridden horses  in Bandera and camps but told us this was the best ride 
yet!! We rode into open pastures , around a lake  and the girls were 
allowed to gallop. The staff @ the Spread we thoughtful, kind and the 
horses are well taken care of and great for any level of rider.  They may 
not have a  upscale barn but the rides are fantastic, and we will be back again, and if my girls have their way multiple time this Summer
We highly suggest the Spread and recommend to all our neighbors and co-workers. 
Dana Mann and Family
Houston Texas


 Spring Break 2012  We went horseback riding at the Spread.

My Name is Nancy B, I have a family of 3 girls and we had a Mother, 'daughter day at the Spread, it had be suggested to me by a co-worker, We had a great time 2 of my daughter had never ridden before and were given great horses for first time rides, We did not ride nose to tail, went into a light wooded area,open pastures etc. My girls who had never ridden felt so at ease with the horses and the guides that took us out,they were even doing a little trotting, and my daughter whom does ride was allowed to run and gallop.  I have taken the girls to some other more high end places to ride in Houston, but hands down this is where my girls want to come back, We plan to do so this summer, A big thanks to my co-worker  and the Staff at the Spread,

Nancy, Katie, Denise and Autum



Our family of 5 , ages 14-72 had a wonderful exp. at the  Spread, The horses are well cared for and great for any stage rider.  The location may not be as upscale as some places but you could not ask for better horses. We were allowed to ride at our capacities and it was great  riding  ! We will recommend to other family and friends and be back very soon.
The staff at the Spread are friendly, helpful  made sure we had a great time. I would have to say that over the years our family has been riding horses in the Houston area this experience has been the the best. 

Katie Fisher  and Family
Aug. 2011 

The Spread is a wonderful outfit conveniently situated close to Reliant stadium. It is run by three people whom are great characters and fun to be with. Most importantly, they care for their horses deeply. Their riding sessions, mainly carried out with Christie, are so relaxed,safe and enjoyable that we caught on fast, in a safe and comfortable environment with no pressure.They have a variety oft trails and rides around their premises, which pass through various kinds of terrain - fields of various sizes, around a lovely lake and also across various byways - you can go as fast or as slowly as you like - providing they feel you are capable. Christie and Sam are very experienced, knowledgeable and careful teachers - but at the same time allow students/riders a real riding experience - not just going round and round in a paddock also went with them to a seaside ride - where they transported their horses to Surfside beach, for a very scenic and enjoyable ride. There is nothing pretentious about them and they are not a particularly up-market operation - but they offer a safe, down to earth horse back riding experience of a lifetime. We really recommend them to anyone sincerely wanting to ride to improve your skills or just to enjoy the experience.

Zul,Sara and family (visitors from Malaysia)"2010





"The ride was a great experience. Jim is a great horse. The prices are just right and the environment is too. Sam, the owner, is very knowledgeable about the horses and is a very nice man. Hope to be coming back real soon."

- Christine Landry (Houston, TX)

"I've never ridden horses before but Mike was great. Sam was an excellent teacher and made learning fun and easy."

- Matt Landry (Houston, TX)

"What a great place to ride. Sam, one of the owners, even lets me ride bareback which is a great way to communicate with your horse. Once you have ridden the same horse several times you become one with the horse. It is a wonderful place to lose your troubles and solve your problems. It beats going to a Shrink, it's a lot cheaper and more fun. Sam should hang out a shingle."

- Jerry (Houston, TX)

"This is a very nice place to ride in a natural, peaceful setting. I go riding atleast a couple of times a week. I can't think of anything more relaxing and peaceful. You really become attached to the horses after spending time with them."

- Babs (Clear Lake City, TX)

"Sam (the owner) is a great guy. You'll learn a lot from him about riding and taking care of the horses. I've been to The Spread more than 20 times and never miss the opportunity to take friends and family. The prices are also very reasonable compared to other stables, and you can't beat the location close to town."

- Roger (Houston, TX)

One visit to the Spread and I was "hooked"I am now regular customer which visits several times a week and weekends. My riding experience at the spread was like no other I had ever come across. Sam ( the owner) and his horses  cater to customers  needs  whether first time riders- experienced. Each rides always offers something new and exciting from riding in the woods to a peaceful  ride near a lake, or even help you plan a romantic ride and picnic with that someone special for any event.  Although I have my favorite, I have been privileged ride  to  all the horses.  So if your looking for  fun place  to enjoy,& relax   I highly recommend it !!

   Christy (Houston, TX) 

I discovered the Spread a year ago  and now I go every week-end and often during the week as well. I love going  there for  the peaceful setting and the horses. I 've ridden horses all over the world and these are the best horses yet! They are extremely sweet with each having their own distinctive personality, it is great to see them interact. My favorite is Lucas, always up for going out on the trail. I recommend this place to all of my friends and  many have joined me there. I truly miss them when I am out of town.

Agnes G (Houston, TX)

      My daughter and I  first visited The Spread October 2006. My daughter @ age 6 was going through the horses    stage and wanted to do some riding. We  went  out  and met Sam, the owner and a wonderful man, to inquire about lessons .   Her first lesson was on "Ranger" and Christy as her instructor  was on "Big Mike" the experience was great!   Sam, Christy and Tomoko have taught her a lot about riding and caring for horses.  The Spread is a really terrific place to go We are regulars now  all of the horses are wonderful  and love being round everyone there and feeling apart of the family. We have our favorites  mine being freckles and my daughter's being  Ranger and Rosie.  Look out for us there and hope to see you soon.

Sarah and Jessica , Spring TX

The Spread
14108Bridgeport, Houston, Texas
Ranch Phone: 832-477-6790     E-mail: ruthsamjos@aol.com